Complex Pediatric Otolaryngology FAQ

The exam administration will occur at Pearson VUE Testing Centers. Approved applicants will receive an authorization letter from ABOHNS in July 2021 with instructions about choosing and registering for a Pearson VUE test site. 

No, there are no additional exam dates planned for 2021

CPO subcertification will need to be renewed every five years. Participation in Continuing Certification (CC) for CPO will be required for all diplomates to maintain CPO subcertification even if the primary certification in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery is not time-limited.

Training pathway - 7 years from completion of ACGME- accredited fellowship training. Note that for those in the training pathway that completed accredited fellowship between 2015 – 2020, the 7-years begins with the 2021 written exam.

Practice pathway - 9 years, starting in 2021 with the initiation of the subcertification (pathway closes after 2030 written exam)

Note: these are times to successfully attain subcertification and not times to submit an application to enter the process.

Currently scheduled for Monday, August 2, 2022

Yes, see the ABOHNS <link> application audit policy for CPO </link>.

Case Log Questions

Cases performed during accredited or non-accredited fellowship training cannot be counted towards the case requirements. Similarly, MultiD activities during fellowship training does not count toward eligibility requirements.

A case performed during an operative session can only count for a single entry on the case log list, even if qualifies in more than one category or more than one case was done. 

Yes. As long as you were truly a co-surgeon. In this situation, co surgeons should be documented/dictated on the operative report as such.

Fellowship Pathway - 50 index cases during the 2-consecutive years proximate to applying

Practice Pathway - 100 index cases during the 4-consecutive years proximate to applying

Note: The cases included do not need to be consecutively performed. The cases need to have occurred during the listed time periods. Every case meeting the qualifying cases criteria does not need to be listed, but the minimum case numbers need to be met. 

No, please submit only the summary case log sheet. If you use the case log worksheet to compile your cases, then you can keep for your own records. Please note that the case log worksheet may be requested if a candidate’s application is audited.

The consecutive years for cases need to be proximate to the application being submitted. The ABOHNS is allowing for the case collection period to be extended to 3-years for Training Pathway or 5-years for Practice Pathway for either personal or professional hardships. A significant decrease in case volumes due to the COVID-19 pandemic can be included here. If requesting an extension of the case collection period, a personal statement describing the circumstances must be submitted to ABOHNS with application.

Diplomates may apply as early as during the second year in independent practice on the training pathway or during the fourth year in independent practice on the practice pathway if the applicant meets all application requirements during that year before the application deadline date.